Description: Chateau with unusual objects of daily use, unique chateau garden, in a beautiful countryside.

Keywords: Chateau, chateau garden, colonnade, Renaissance, Baroque, weapons collection, chateau chapel, Chinese art, Japanese armour.

Distance from a city: About 50 km to the North-West from Brno, about 200 km to the South-East from Prague.

Ploskovice—A White Jewel Full of Contrasts

Ploskovice – a white jewel full of contrasts

Description: Beautiful, fairy-tale-like chateau with unusual history and interiors.

Themes: Chateau, chateau garden, colonnade, Baroque, artificial caves “grottas”, films, fairy-tales, peacocks.

Distance from a city: 100 km to the North from Prague.

It’s close to Děčín, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem, and a manageable distance from Plzeň. But if you live in Ostrava, Brno or České Budějovice, it’s virtually inaccessible unless you’re prepared to spend a night in Prague or 6–8 hours travelling there and back.

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